Terms of sales

Pursuant to and for the effects of articles 13 and 14 of the European Regulation n. 679/2016 and the Italian harmonisation legislation, we inform you that the data provided for the provision of services and for the purchase of products, will be treated in the manner set out in the privacy policy available on the website www.kitgroup.it .
The conditions of sale herewith are valid exclusively between Kit Group S.r.l.s. with registered office in Monza (MB) Piazza Castello, 13 20900 Italy – P.I. 08166120967- (henceforth also the “Seller”) and whoever carries out purchase orders (henceforth also the “Customer”) at: info@kitgroup.it or via the contact form on the website www.kitgroup.it.
These conditions apply to each order and to all our sales unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by our company.
The subscription of the offer of sale implies the full acceptance of these conditions.
Art.1 Subject of the contract.
1.1 The Seller sells and the Customer purchases the products and services contained in the website www.kitgroup.it and listed in catalogues and/or offered for sale by email.
1.2 The Seller undertakes to describe and present the products on the website or on catalogues in as much detail as possible, although there may be minor differences between the products and the images as well as the technical drawings on the website or on paper materials, which are not a contractual element as they are to be considered purely illustrative.
Art.2 Conclusion and effectiveness of the contract.
2.1 The Customer undertakes to check before the order confirmation these conditions of sale available on the website www.kitgroup.it and also available in the link indicated in the sale offer, which must be downloaded, signed and returned together with the order confirmation.
2.2 The Customer undertakes to verify the correctness of its data reported by the Seller in the offer document and to inform the Seller of any errors and/ or changes to be made.
2.3 The contract is concluded by receipt at info@kitgroup.it or alternatively by fax +39 039 8940311 of the sales offer signed for acceptance by the Customer.
2.4 The above-mentioned sale offer contains: Customer data, Seller data, validity period, article in question, brief summary description of the article, quantity of items, price of items, payment method, Seller availability, total price of the items including taxes, links on the conditions of sale and signature field for acceptance.
2.5 The availability of the items refers to the stock availability of the article being offered, at the time the Seller draws up the offer document of sale, no later than 24 hours after the issue of the offer.
Art.3 Prices.
3.1 The prices of the products are presented when the customer requests a quote by email to info@kitgroup.it or alternatively to the fax number +39 039 8940311.
3.2 The prices indicated are expressed in Euros (€) with the application of the taxes provided, in addition to the shipping costs and any charges for ancillary services requested by the Customer, duly separate and detailed.
3.3 In case of manual error or any other nature that may result in a substantial change in the price that makes it exorbitant or manifestly irrelevant, the Seller shall have the right to rectify the same; if the Customer does not accept the adjusted amount, the contract will be deemed terminated.
3.4 The Seller may change the prices at any time, however it will apply the price shown in the sale offer document within the time limits indicated in the offer.
Art.4 Methods of payment.
4.1 The payment methods are agreed and reported in the sales offer document and accepted by the Customer to be returned to the info@kitgroup.it email address of the sales offer document signed for acceptance.
4.2 Upon acceptance referred to in point 2.3, the Customer undertakes to make the payment in the terms and conditions agreed.
4.3 In case of non payment or partial delay, the Seller may suspend the supply of the goods and may exercise without notice the right of withdrawal from the contract.
Art.5 Mode of delivery
5.1 The delivery of the products is made by courier in the timelines indicated in the sales offer document. Shipping costs are charged to the customer.
5.2 The Seller shall not be liable for any loss, damage and/or loss of the products taken over by the freight forwarder and/or the carrier.
5.3 Where the method of advance payment is provided for, the Seller reserves the right to entrust the items to the freight forwarder only upon receipt of the payment agreed with the Customer, referred to in point 2.3.
5.4 The periment, damage and/or loss of the products taken over by the freight forwarder and/or the carrier does not relieve the Customer from the obligation to perform the payment compensation, even if the products have not been delivered to him.
5.5 Any delay in delivery after taking charge by the courier, cannot be the subject of a complaint against the Seller.
Art.6 Withdrawal.
6.1 The Customer has the right to exercise the withdrawal from the contract by means of a registered letter A/R at the address of the Seller’s registered office or at the following address PEC kitgroup@pec.it until the time of entrustment of the items to the freight forwarder.
6.2 If the Customer is eligible as a consumer, as required by the consumer code, the same shall have the right to exercise the right of withdrawal no later than 14 days from the receipt of the items by registered A/R at the address of the Seller’s registered office. The Seller will refund the result of the return, the costs of which are borne by the Customer.
The Seller, at the time of delivery of the items, reserves the right to carry out a technical check on the status of the returned products and if they are damaged and/ or tampered with, the same will not make any refund, restoration and/ or replacement.
Art.7 Legal guarantee of conformity.
7.1 At the time of delivery of the items, the customer checks the conformity of the products received in relation to the type of item ordered and the quantities indicated in the sales offer document.
7.2 In the event of receipt of defective or non-compliant articles, the Customer has the right to notify the Seller within 8 days of receipt of the products by registered letter A/R at the address of the registered office or by certified e-mail kitgroup@pec.it and to request its restoration, repair and/or replacement.
7.3 The shipping costs of any defective or non-compliant items to those requested shall be considered at the expense of the Customer.
7.4 The Seller, at the time of delivery of the items, reserves the right to carry out a technical verification on what the Customer has stated about the quality and conformity of the products, upon which it will inform the Customer whether to proceed with the provisions of point 7.2.
Art.8 Applicable law and jurisdiction.
8.1 Each purchase of items is governed by these Terms of Sale.
8.2 In so far as not expressly provided for in these Terms and Conditions of Sale, Italian law and in particular the provisions of the Civil Code and the Consumer Code shall apply.
8.3 For any dispute concerning the interpretation and application of the clauses in the sales contract and of the present conditions of sale, the competent court is the one of the Court of Monza.