Lift access control devices

Elevators access control devices

The Kit Group catalog presents a series of latest generation access control devices for lifts.
Easy to install and quick to configure, our lift products are suitable for most lift systems in the civil and industrial sectors.
With a few simple steps it will be possible to transform an existing lift into a smart model of the latest generation, in some cases configurable even remotely based on the products.

Furthermore, all our solutions are designed for installers. In fact, for those who are approaching lift automation for the first time, we have complete kits with everything needed for access control of the elevator system.

If, on the other hand, you already have experience for operations of this type, our experienced and qualified staff will guide you in choosing the individual pieces that best suit the characteristics of each lift, so as to offer extremely optimized ad hoc solutions.

Finally, available on request, we provide a pre-configuration service for electronic keys and other products, so as to provide solutions for ready-to-install lift systems.