Radio controls and remote controls for lifts

With Kitgroup radio and remote controls for lift access control it is possible to make the lifts completely accessible. The remote control system offers complete independence and total access to the floor even for people with severe physical disabilities.

The buildings can be made completely accessible by installing Kitgroup remote controls. With a one-button remote control, the lift can be called to each floor and the destination floor can be called once inside the car. Optional remote control units are available with multiple buttons for those who have the ability to use them.

The remote control system also facilitates access to the floor, making the activation of the lift immediate.
From the outside, there isn’t much to show about the remote control system. At most there is a small receiver which is mounted on the wall. Some installations have the receiver hidden behind the panels and all it shows is the discreet infrared window.

These systems are generally installed by elevators: we are able to provide details and assistance to those professionals who consider installations so that they can feel comfortable during the installation phases, certain that these items will adapt to their existing systems.

A look at the hardware is all you need to determine the high quality industrial grade of these products.