Z-5R-WEB (Art. 0005)

Z-5R-WEB is a WEB-network 12 V DC access control controller for readers with 1-Wire and Wiegand 26-34-42-50 bit data protocols.

Controller output: 12V DC.

Up to 8.168 electronic keys and 8.192 events.

In the absence of network connection the synchronization takes place autonomously when the connection is restored.

The connection is supported by a 2,4 GHz WI-FI antenna, an ETHERNET port and a USB port for 3G/4G USB Modem.

Setup, management and monitoring of Z-5R-WEB is performed directly from your browser in the cloud access control application GUARDSaaS, directly on our website.

By logging your personal GUARDSaaS account, you are able to manage users in real-time and to setup all operating parameters of each registered NETWORK and WEB controllers wherever you are.

Guardsaas is a real-time access control and monitoring application.
The unique code of each electronic key is associated with a specific user (name and surname) and access credentials (by access point, by elevator, by date, by time or by the number of uses.
All the activities carried out by each electronic key are recorded in the database, filterable (by number of runs and dates of use) and exportable in the main digital formats.

Power supply: 12 V DC
Power consumption:
200 mA
Output: 12 V DC settable from 0 to 255 seconds
Input: n°2 TM Dallas Touch Memory 1-Wire and Wiegand 26-34-42-50 reader
Distance controller-reader: max 15 m Dallas Touch Memory 1-Wire / max 100 m Wiegand
Users: max 8.168
Events: max 8.192
Data network connection: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G USB modem
PC connection: Ethernet port
Operating temperature: from +5° to +50° C
Controller dimensions: 99 x 80 x 16 mm
Weight: 0,25 kg

Data sheet PDF:

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