Z-2NET (Art. 0011)

Z-2NET is a 12 V DC access control controller, with 2 relay output for readers with Wiegand 26-34-44 bit data, to manage the users on elevators up to 2 floors.

The controller is supplied with its programming software for the setup of each relay output and the management of access credentials of each user.

Z-2NET manages up to 20,000 RFID electronic keys/PIN codes (depending on the type of reader to which it is connected) and up to 100,000 events that can be monitored and accessed in real time for management by the concierge or reception using Ethernet TCP/IP port.

Power supply: 12 V DC
Power consumption: 500 mA
Output: n° 2 relays, monostables or bistables
Input: n°2 Wiegand 26, 34 and 44 bit readers
Users: max 20.000
Events: max 100.000
Distance controller-reader: max 100 m
PC connection: Ethernet TCP/IP port
Software: included
Operating temperature: from -25° to +75° C
Controller dimensions: 164 x 127 x 18 mm
Weight: 0,22 kg

Data sheet PDF:

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