C-BLUETOOTH-EM (Art. 0026)

C-BLUETOOTH-EM is a 12 V DC Bluetooth reader for the activation of elevator button panels with smartphones with Bluetooth.

The free IOS & Android APP turns a smartphone into a personal identification tool, like electronic keys.

Disponibile per dispositivi Android e IOS

C-BLUETOOTH-EM integrates a 125 KHz RFID antenna for contactless RIFD electronic keys.
Up to 10,000 smartphones or electronic keys enable a single floor button or all buttons on the cabin call button panel for a time interval settable from 1 to 254 seconds.

The built-in relay operates as a monostable or bistable.

Inviti inApp
The setup of the reader, the configuration of the credentials of each smarphones, of each electronic key and the forwarding of timed invitations, limited by date and number of uses, is carried out directly from the App.

Power supply: 12 V DC
Power consumption: 90 mA
Monostable relay output: settable from 1 to 254 sec
Bistable relay output: ON / OFF
Smartphones / Electronic keys: max 10.000
Smartphones: IOS and Android
Type of electronic key: 125 KHz EM-Marine, Temic RFID
Electronic key reading distance: 30 / 60 mm
Operating temperature: from -20° to +60° C
Material: ABS
Protection rating: IP66
Reader dimensions 103 x 48 x 19 mm
Weight: 0,30 kg

Data sheet PDF:

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