C-RFID-EM (Art. 0024)

C-RFID-EM is a 12-24 V DC RFID 125 KHz reader for the activation of elevator button panels with contactless RFID electronic keys.

The reader handles up to 10,000 electronic keys and it has a single monostable or bistable relay output settable from 0 to 300 seconds.

The setup, the addition and the removal of the electronic keys is carried out with the MASTER CARD, performing simple operations directly on the reader.

C-RFID-EM is made of metal and has a IP68 protection rating.

Connected as slave-reader operates with all controllers that support Wiegand 26-58 data protocol:

Power supply: 12/24 V DC
Power consumption: 100 mA
Monostable relay output: settable from 0 to 300 sec
Bistable relay output: ON/OFF
Data output: Wiegand 26-58
Electronic keys: max 10.000
Type of electronic key: 125 KHz EM-Marine, Temic
Electronic key reading distance: 30 mm
Distance from controller (connected as slave reader): max 100 m
Operating temperature: from -35° to +60° C
Material: Metal
Protection rating:  IP68
Reader dimensions: 120 x 57 x 21 mm
Weight: 0,36 kg

Data sheet PDF:

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